Personal Demons

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  • August 9, 2016 -

As part of my 4th year thesis, I created a WebApp based on popular dress-your-doll flash games of the early 2000s in order to explore the scope of digital mediums that I could apply my thesis to.
Titled ‘Personal Demons’, I explored the idea of creating your own demons from vague organic and geometric shapes.

Want to play it?

My thesis explored the evolving nature of peoples demons and attempted to personify them as external entities that feed on the energies that people put out. As part of my digital media assignment, I decided to build it in flash; paying homage to my favourite game from my early teens, the dress-up-doll game.

building assets
Building assets was the most fun and liberating part of this process. My goal was to create ambiguous yet ‘recognizable’ shapes that could be utilized in a variety of different ways.

navgation and ui

I wanted to provide virtually no explanation at it’s launch at my grad show so in order to create a UI that required the least amount of explanation and worked intuitively for all ages, I conducted various user tests with several models of navigation. With the help of a friend (and a programmer), I was able to animate the buttons to roll over as well as move fluidly with interaction in Flash. Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.54.43 PM

cherry on the top

The save button allowed users to save their creation and the trash button cleared the canvas. The upload button was for the user to be able to upload their creation to gallery, which was one of my key goals; to be able to allow users to reflect back on the thing they created.

The Challenge

I faced a million hurdles in my attempt at learning Flash as well as trying to get a grasp on Javascript. The desired action for the Save and Trash function was a major pain in the butt as the programming at that juncture was way over my head. In the end, I hired a programmer to help me develop the Save and Trash functions and all was well.
We are now friends.

After several user tests, I launched my demon creator web app as well as the demon gallery at my graduation show. I had friends and family create their own demons and showcased them at the grad show as well. Guests at the show were also able to create their own demon, upload it and save it, print it or view it at a later date.
Christopher01 by Sarah Dyer