Hello from Mei!

melissachung_sunandsqualor2Mei Shang, formerly known as Melissa, is a Chinese born, Indian-raised, now Canadian freelance illustrator and designer, currently based in Toronto after a brief stint in Japan. Harbouring inexplicable curiosity and an aversion to boredom, she loves to work with digital as well as analog systems, seeking to create experiences and articulate that which you can feel but cannot say.
Mei takes her work seriously, but not herself. She is an ardent fan of food, dogs, babies, ambient electronic music and cheesy Japanese romance comics.

Exhibitions & Features

Unforeseen Art Festival Group Show (2016) / Sp!N + Sovereign State PanAM Show (2015) / Curiosities, Sheridan Blog (2015) / Colour Wars, Sheridan Illustration Grad Show / (2015) Spin Cycle, Toronto International Bike Show (2014)

Email: hellomeimei86@gmail.com Process: InstagramTumblr

In collaboration with Charlit Floriano. Sometimes we make things.